December 08, 2008
Welcome back!

Well, it's been two years since we last updated this site, and I'm pleased to announce that Radio Nationals are about to start playing again. Yep, that's right. We'd like to welcome John Hollis on drums to Radio Nationals. We're working on new material, and will start booking shows on a regular basis soon. Our first show back will be New Year's Eve at the High Dive with The Dusty 45's. You can buy advance tickets here.

Stay tuned. We'll update this site much more often now. Also, head over to our Myspace site and send us a friend request. We'll keep that up to date with upcoming shows and such as well.


January 2nd , 2006
Hey everyone,

After a prolonged absence from updating this site, we thought it would be a good time to give everyone an update on what we've been doing. First and foremost, thanks to everyone who came to the final show at the Tractor. It was a really special night for us, and we really hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

Now, on to the updates. While the 'Nats may be over with, all of us are staying busy with new projects. Please check them out. Aaron is playing with his band, Survey Cez, and also continues to play in the Squirrels. Rick joined our good friends The Riffbrokers, and also may have some other projects up his sleeve. Richard is playing in the Young Sportsmen. And Jared is working on a solo record.

Look for shows and recordings from all of these groups this year. We're keeping this web site active, so feel free to drop us a line anytime!


August 2, 2005

To our great fans,

After much consideration, Radio Nationals has decided to play our final show in October. I know, I know.... We're gonna get a ton of emails back saying "What?!? It can't be true!" Believe us when we say that this was not an easy decision to make. Over the past five years, we've had an amazing run and we're honored to have played for you--arguably the best, loudest, most loyal fans in the country. But alas, we have decided that it's simply time to move on. (And yes, I just used the word "alas.")

It goes without saying that we're ready to celebrate all that is "Radio Nationals" and we can think of no better way to do so then to share it with each and every one of you. We have four, count 'em, four more shows in the Seattle area and we're formally inviting you to come help us wrap this one up with a bang. We'll send reminders about these shows, and we might even have a few additional shows scattered throughout the Northwest in the next few months, but this is it for Seattle. Mark your calendars now.

Okay, here we go... man, it feels weird to type this... okay.... here are the last four Radio Nationals shows in the Seattle area:

Saturday, Aug 6
The Sunset
5433 Ballard Ave N, Seattle
Radio Nationals / Grand Champeen / Two Cow Garage
21+ ; $8
This will be an amazing show. And I'm not just saying that because we're on the bill ;-) Grand Champeen and Two Cow Garage are absolutely kick-*ss live. I mean it. Come just to see them, you will NOT be disappointed. Also note that Jeff Fielder will be sitting in on lead guitar for us at this show. This has NOTHING to do with our final shows. This show was booked before we made our decision and it just so happened that Aaron was going to be out of town.

Sat, Aug 27
Stanwood Hotel
26926 - 102nd Ave NW, Stanwood, WA 98292
Trash Train (yup, Bobby's infamous band!) / Radio Nationals / Dry County Crooks
Stanwood has always been good to us. Not only is this the last Radio Nationals show at the Hotel, but apparently this is the last show at the Hotel period. If you haven't been up to the Hotel yet, get yer *ss up here! Bob and Tammy know how to do it right.... trust me, the afterparty will be unbelievable!

Friday, Sept 30
The Crocodile Cafe
2200 2nd Ave, Seattle
Radio Nationals / Evangeline
more info to come
Opening night reception for "For the Sake of the Song: The Outlaws of Americana," a collection of photos by Brian T. Atkinson and paintings by Sean Tracey, highlighting paintings of anti-establishment country music icons who, as legendary troubadour Townes Van Zandt sung, write and perform solely “for the sake of the song.” The display will showcase Atkinson’s live concert photos of contemporary icons including Steve Earle, Lucinda Williams, Ryan Adams, Emmylou Harris, Robert Earl Keen and Kasey Chambers, among others. Tracey’s portraits on display will include the classic country songwriters Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson, as well as a rendering of Townes Van Zandt.

Friday, Oct 21
Tractor Tavern
5213 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle
Radio Nationals
The big one. Only seems fitting to play our last show at the Tractor. We'll play two sets covering our entire musical catalogue, including songs from Haywire, the mid-90s band that Jared and Richard were in together. We'll also have special guests and past band members come up and join us on certain songs. Not to be missed... this is it.

Over the next three months, we'll send out more emails reminding you about these shows.
Let this be the first of many more "thank you's" to all of you for your continued support over the years.

Richard, Jared, Rick, and Aaron
Radio Nationals

April 7th, 2005
Hey gang... SXSW was... Well... My liver hurts. We've got some photos and such. We'll post them as soon as we see which ones we can put up without offending too many people. Jared had a great time on the road with Johnny Hickman. Many thanks to all the folks who came out to the acoustic shows and to both Johnny's and RN's showcases at SXSW.

Johnny's new album Palmhenge, comes out on April 19th. We've announced a few more dates down the West Coast supporting him, and there are more on the way. Check out the shows page for the current dates, and keep checking back because we'll be adding more shows soon.

February 20th, 2005
Well, after quite a long hiatus, the "NEWS" section of this web site is now returning... Its been a really good start to 2005. We've got quite a few things to tell everyone about. First and foremost, we're going to be doing some shows with our new friend Johnny Hickman. For those of you not familiar, Johnny is the co-founder of the band Cracker, along with David Lowery of Camper Van Beethoven. Johnny has written one HELL of a solo album, and has graciously (or wisely, depending upon who you ask) asked Radio Nationals to do some shows as his backing band. We'll be doing a Portland show with him on March 4th (at Dante's), a Seattle show on March 5th (at the Tractor Tavern) and then Jared and Johnny are taking off to do a solo acoustic tour to Austin Texas, where both Johnny and the 'Nats have showcases this year. Watch the shows page for details.

In other news, we started the year off by playing a couple of great shows. We played a sit-down acoustic set at Hattie's Hat in January, and then a couple of not-so-acoustic, not-so-sit-down shows with our new friends Two Cow Garage. The first was in Stanwood, and a week later (after we recovered) we played a packed house at the Sunset. Thanks to everyone who came out and made Two Cow Garage feel right at home. Well, not TOO at home, since they're from Ohio, and Ohio is where someone tried to break into our van.

Stay tuned for more news, and quite possibly a follow up "tour diary" of SXSW. Although, past experience tells us we might not want to document TOO much of that week... Might scare off a few of our more timid fans....

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